Thursday, 31 January 2013


Hi there,

I've had a bit of a mishap :(   My laptop has died and the back up of the Free Templates is corrupt so I can't give you links to them at the moment.

If you've downloaded them and have them stored somewhere then I'd love to hear from you so as I can resurrect them.....

Sunday, 20 January 2013


A massive thank you to everyone for your wonderful feedback on today's show it's greatly appreciated x

The Portrait and  Cameo both sold out, as well as a lot of the up-sells so well done if you managed to get what you wanted, but stocks will be replenished so keep a note of the stock numbers. 

Going forward into 2013 we're going to try and bring you a couple of shows a month, depending on us securing show slots... and lots of exciting things ahead..... that I've not been told about, probably because I'll be bursting to tell you all.

Your feedback is important so if there's any feedback or requests you'd like to give with regards to future products/shows please let me know via my email and I'll gladly pass your comments on.

Thanks again

Hayley x x x