Thursday, 31 January 2013


Hi there,

I've had a bit of a mishap :(   My laptop has died and the back up of the Free Templates is corrupt so I can't give you links to them at the moment.

If you've downloaded them and have them stored somewhere then I'd love to hear from you so as I can resurrect them.....


  1. Hope you are managing to recover some of those missing files, Hayley. I thought you might be interested in something I have just put on my blog today. It goes back to when you were originally in the Gatehouse, when I first started paper crafting. I came down to see what you had got and saw a sample card of the peeloff decoupage butterflies, and bought some to try myself. I had one set left which I had already stuck onto acetate, but then they got to the bottom of a box and have just surfaced again. So I have now finished them off and made a proper card with them If you want to look, have a look on my blog at Everyone who has seen it is raving about the pretty butterflies. I did credit you with the original idea. Hope that is OK with you. When are you next on with the Silhouette? Have a good week. xx Maggie (Margaret Craner)

  2. Hi Hayley. Sorry to hear about your computer. As I have only just caught up with your Blog you may be sorted by now, but I have Butterfly Birthday, Music Note Topper, Pillowbox, Sentiments and I believe the Cottage Squeeze is one or your templates. If you want me to send you any of these please let me know. Take care. Sue