Monday, 2 April 2012

So this week I have 3 shows:

Monday 2nd April - 4pm          Silhouette Cameo
Monday 2nd April - 7pm          Tiddly Pom Yarns
Tuesday 3rd April - 10am        Helena and Spider Yarns
                                                  (New and exciting colours!)


  1. I'll be watching all shows Hayley, luckily i have a very understanding husband :-)

    Mary xx

    1. What's his name, we'll give him a mention :)

  2. I've got a craft robo and have now got loads more inspiration from watching the programme this afternoon. Can't afford to upgrade at the moment but hopefully one day!!!


  3. I still love my Craft Robo. Did you know you can still use the new software on your Craft Robo?

  4. I passed my old original Silhouette on to my daughter and my husband treated me to the new Cameo before Christmas. I would not be without it - a brilliant piece of kit. I love drawing with it too. Hayley, are you still in the big building at the end of Bristows? I have just joined you as a follower too. xx Maggie
    PS Come and join us on the WOYWW (What's on your workdesk Wednesday) every Wednesday.
    PPS Did you know you still have that dreaded Word Verification enabled. you may find that many people will not leave messages if they see that. it is so hard to read and get right. It also takes twice as long to visit everyone with that on.

  5. We're not there anymore Maggie, we left at the end of September.

    Did you have to key in a verification code to leave a message then Maggie?